IF NOTHING HAPPENS ON NOVEMEBR 13 2013 THEN THAT MEANS THE ACTUAL "BLACKOUT" WILL BE DELAYED. BUT IT'S GONNA HAPPEN, AND YOU BETTER BE READY "BEFORE" IT DOES!CHINESE TROOPS WILL HAVE BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN HAWAII THIS TUESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY war drills went on last year in the same exact location the google barges are "THIS YEAR" JIG IS UP! It's time to stop playing STUPID. How is it possible to take pictures of an asteroid that's further away than ison????? NO ONE HAS SEEN ISON WITH THE NAKED EYE. So how is this comet p/2013 P5 with 6 tails able to be seen? MILITARY KNOWS COMET ISON IS NOT REALLY COMET +ison+chinese+space+radar+&form=U018DF&pc=U018&dt=061313China making holograms to prepare for when the grid goes down WHEN we told you that GOOGLE AND NASA has DEMONIC quantum computers with real alien demons inside of the computers? see for they are saying comet ison has turned "BLUE" and it's that stupid hophi prophecy crap week there's another "HE SAID SHE SAID" story about comet ison,.......oops i mean NIBIRU! Here's how you can see NIBIRU 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Get up off your butt, and go buy an ifrared camera with night vision. If you don't have a lot of money then go find a cheap one. They are all over the place. After you get a good one, all you have to do is start filming the skies in thermal vision. Pretty soon you'll be making your own youtube videos .We have another video coming up after this one. It's from a collection of youtubers PROVING that comet ison is NIBIRU. why do you think this is happening NIBIRU is close,and now the illuminati wants to weaponize space to initiate project blue beam coupled with real did this happen in 2010 referring to 2013????? how did they know this was gonna happen in 2010?????????LOOK THAT BLOOD WATER THAT POPPED UP IN THE NETHERLANDS ON NOVEMBER 1 2013??? GUESS WHAT THE "BLOOD WATER" IS EXTRATERRESTRIAL WITH NO DNA AND IT'S MUTATING. SEE FOR YOURSELF. don't worry everything is fine. Nothing to see here. Shove a twinkie back in your mouth and go finish sniffing unicorn farts. If you don't wanna wake up and see the prophecies in front of you, then there's always sarcasm.

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