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Illuminati Secret Plan to Fake Alien Invasion

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Nov 11, 2013
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Listening to the rhetoric of presidents, experts and the mass media it is clear to see that the population has been brainwashed and conditioned to expect an alien invasion to occur on the earth as a way to force us to form a one world government, a New World Order in which the Illuminati Cabal secretly pulls the strings. Ever since Orson Welles broadcast "The War of The Worlds" The Illuminati has seen that the concept of an alien invasion is one where people will respond with immediate panic and mindless fear, which gives the Illuminati to opportunity to take control. Throughout history we have seen how the rulers did this by conditioning people with religion to perform ritual sacrifice, witch burnings and now the cult of UFO and alien abduction has been developed to such an extent that people could be conditioned to expect an alien invasion. After 9/11/2001 we have seen how the government responded by engaging in a war which lasted over a decade and a destruction of the Magna Carta, the basis of the western justice system, with the Patriot Act which made everyone a target for constant surveillance. 9/11 killed only 3000 people, so imagine what sot of depraved acts the Illuminati could commit in the name of security if an alien invasion was seen as an imminent to millions and even billions of people. By using such a threat, mass panic and fear would be widespread and from there lies how they will control us. In reality, the invasion of a superior alien force would be quick and subtle, not a quaint battle of "David VS Goliath" the media has brainwashed us into. The fact is that there was already an infiltration of this planet, thousands of year ago which makes sense given that it is easier to invade a planet of primitive inhabitants than ones with nuclear weapons. These reptilians were rogues which had gone against the galactic community and as a result were dying out and decided to use the earth as a colony to produce food. Using genetic engineering they tried to breed apes and humans into a renewable food source but had failed due to a lack of their numbers. To survive they needed to propagate with humans and using what little numbers they had they interbred with humanity, hoping to create a pure enough bloodline so that they could amass enough power to recreate their empire on earth and use humanity as slaves and food.


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