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《神韵》2013世界巡演新亮点 ] Chinese "Wikipedia" site editors came from China, Hongkong, Taiwan and overseas. "Wikipedia" entries can be modified by editors through discussion. Therefore, the "Wikipedia" has become a differen...


Chinese "Wikipedia" site editors came from China, Hongkong,
Taiwan and overseas.
"Wikipedia" entries can be modified by
editors through discussion.
Therefore, the "Wikipedia" has become a different ideological
platform for Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Chinese.
For the concepts of the "June 4th Incident" and "Republic of
China", the Chinese people have more of an understanding
beyond the textbooks and official mainland media.

On 30th October, the New York Times reported that 'Wikipedia'
editors are volunteers.
Regarding Chinese politics, history and traditional cultural
aspects, editors raised opposing views which offers different
information about China.

It triggers controversial lists which restrict on editing.

For example, the entry of "1989 Beijing Tiananmen Square
Military repression" has experienced a number of editing wars
since the website launched.

The topics, editors debated include whether massacre, whether
the Chinese military repressed by force, as well as whether
the Beijing authorities concealed the truth.

Taiwan Wikimedia Foundation Chairman Jian Xiangtai: at the
beginning, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials
did not recognize it, some people doubted about it.

Then people slowly accepted it with
international news and pictures.
The policy of the Wikipedia community is that if you have
reliable news, your article can be edited and posted.

Chairman of the Taiwan Wikimedia Foundation, Jian Xiangtai
emphasized that Wikipedia cites credible information sources.
Everybody felt that we should post the Tiananmen incident into
Wikipedia after seeing it from CNN (Cable News Network)
no matter if it was true or not.

Hong Kong Wikimedia institute representative Chen Zien said
that the administrator can temporarily turn off the entry
editing to discuss it, if there is a huge disagreement
between the parties.

Hong Kong Wikimedia institute representative Chen Zien:
For the entry of the Diaoyu Island, you can see that one side
is the entry side and the other is discussion.

The administrator can block the entry using an editing word
until it is solved in the community if there is no way to
discuss it, but many people are editing it.

The editor from mainland thought the word of "Republic of
China" no longer exists after 1949 even though Taiwan
continues using "ROC" in the title.

Jane Xiangtai: when we told them our situation, they can
realize that Taiwan has a different political environment with
an independent government, leaders and sovereignty.

Eventually everyone will respect the status quo combining
the points from newspapers and magazines into the entry.
Jane Xiangtai said the platform of Wikipedia makes him
broaden his horizons.

Jane Xiangtai: in fact everyone has their own ideas and views
although conflict exist.
It will promote an understanding between each other if you
raise your ideas and reasoning.

The ninth session of International Wikimedia Conference was
held on 9th August in Hong Kong.
The founder Jimmy Wales stressed in the Hong Kong media
interview that the Chinese authorities will not be able to
continue to block information through the internet because the
Internet will overcome the review.

Mainland netizens can read the ordinary entries and
non-sensitive entries such as "June 4th", "ROC",
"Taiwan independence" etc in wikimedia.

Jane Xiangtai said that the mainland users can use software
to bypass over the firewall shield.

There is a mainland administrator in the Wikipedia team.

For example, Filip who was from Beijing to attend the Hong
Kong International Wikipedians Conference said the CCP blocked
the web site seriously and you couldn't search for Dalai Lama
on Wikipedia in China.
Leo who is from Hebei criticized that the cottage Encyclopedia
Website can do whatever they want and even copy the
information published on Wikipedia.

Jimmy Wales said to Hong Kong media it is a human rights
violation that Baidu Encyclopedia copies
the content from Wikipedia.

There are differences between the Baidu Encyclopedia and
Wikipedia because Wikipedia tells the truth directly.

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