US senators want more pressure on Iran [PressTV]

US lawmakers say they want to tighten unilateral sanctions on Iran in an attempt to prevent President Barack Obama from what they call giving away too much in dealing with Tehran.

The remarks by Crocker--the top Republican in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee-- were echoed by Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. The chairman of the Foreign Committee said his team will move ahead with additional sanctions on Iran this week. Menendez is known to be one of the architects of US sanctions against Iran. He added that the move is aimed at keeping pressure on Tehran. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has also said that he's never been so worried about Washington's policy in the Middle East than today. According to Graham, the lawmakers from both parties will soon introduce a resolution that would ask Iran to turn over all its 20-percent-enriched uranium and dismantle its working centrifuges.

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