Starchild Skull Lloyd Pye - Part 2 (2013)

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" EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG : The Starchild , an alien among us " - part two Nearly 14 years of medical tests and DNA testing showed that the Starchild was not an unfortunate boy suffering from severe birth defects . The morphological and genetic to this abnormal skull all point in one direction : the remains belonged to a creature from another world. Lloyd Pye has all the results - although not yet complete and final - already give a clear indication : 900 years ago , an alien has lived, died and was buried here on Earth . Here's another reason to rewrite our history . Born in Louisiana, United States, Lloyd Pye is a writer and researcher American alternative considered among the greatest exponents of the so-called "Theory of Intervention " according to which Homo sapiens is the result of genetic engineering techniques hominids carried on by entities alien in ancient times . Since 1999, Pye is undergoing various scientific tests a strange skull discovered in the last century in Mexico argues that the first results demonstrating the non-terrestrial origin of the creature to which they belong those remains .

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