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Fear of The Unknown: Lovecraft Documentary

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Nov 12, 2013
  • Hits: 163

Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown" is a documentary about author Howard Philips Lovecraft's life. And this particular documentary is a great introduction to the force behind some of the most influential horror writings in the 20th century. You were given bits and pieces of the author's past and history, bits and pieces which you may or may not already have been familiar with. "Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown" is a great introduction for new fans of his timeless works. The documentary has appearances by some of the more influential horror writers and movie directors of the 21st century, giving their input and adding to the story. "Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown" is a piece that is intended for fans of H. P. Lovecraft, and if you sit down to watch this documentary without knowing what it is, you might be sorely disappointed, because this is not for everyone to enjoy. "Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown" also delves into the Cthulhu mythos to stir up enough interest for new audiences to spark a flame of interest. And for well-read fans, the documentary does bring about some interesting facts. If you enjoy Lovecraft's works, then watch this documentary. And if you are a fledgling fan in the works, then "Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown" is a good introduction to the fabulous works of one of the fathers of the horror genre.

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