Google+ Exposed as an ECHELON DARPA Architecture

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Nov 12, 2013
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Alex Jones discusses how Google is being funded by the NSA to create a DARPA-like architecture to the internet, giving them the ability to create a "Big Brother" that would make Orwell seem pallid. More specifically people are beginning to notice how Google forces its products on people and, now that Google+ can monitor every comment you make on YouTube, they have absolute power in surveillance - Both video, satellite and now even gleaning every conversation you have. I know it seems ironic, me uploading a video about the dangers of Google to a Google controlled website but remember, Google bought YouTube and they bought it early on in its history with NSA funding. Whatever potential YouTube had was hijacked by Google to make it apart of Internet 2 - The New DARPA - thereby extending the global ECHELON surveillance network.

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