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HERE'S SOME INFO ABOUT WHO AND WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST http://www.legitgov.org/price_abc_v_aliens_as_obama_admin_041109.html Why is NASA censoring STEREO HI2-A images of ISON? PLEASE explain why they're not releasing any pics of ISON on STEREO HI2-A like they said they would & why they never released any photos (worth mentioning) from their Mars craft (as it passed by)? Interestingly, the government shutdown was also timed to shut down the Mars rover IF EVERYTHING IS SO PEACHY KING, THEN WHY DID THE US COAST GUARD HAVE TO SIGN A CONFIDENTIALITY REPORT AGREEING TO STAY ABSOLUTELY QUIET ABOUT THE TRU PURPOSE OF THE FLOATING GOOGLE BARGES.us coast guard has to sign confidentiality report on floating google barge http://ca.news.yahoo.com/google-takes-secrecy-heights-mystery-020206834.... MORE HERE http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/30/coast-guard-visits-... GOOGLE CELEBRATES ROSWELL UFO WITH DOODLE GAME http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57592585-93/google-celebrates-roswell-u... GOOGLE'S X LAB WANTS ALIENS AND TELEPORTATION http://news.yahoo.com/google-seriously-considered-researching-teleportat... A HOLOGRAM IS A MANIPULATION OF LIGHT FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES TO CREAT A VERY REALISTIC THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGE OF A PERSON OR OBJECT THAT IS NOT PHYSICALLY PRESENT. THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF HOLOGRAMS IS CALLED HOLOGRAPHY . GOOGLE LIKES EXTRATERRESTRIALS http://io9.com/370074/google-takes-initiative-to-find-extraterrestrials-... GOOGLE AND NASA ARE NOW LOOKING FOR ALIENS . ELECTRONIC SORCERY! http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/computing/hardware/google-and-nasa-bu... NASA IS HELPING GOOGLE SEARCH FOR ALIEN DEMONS BY THE NEAR END OF 2013 http://www.bing.com/search?q=TRANSITING+EXOPLANET+SURVEY+SATELITTE+&form... MORE PROOF NASA IS HELPING GOOGLE LOOK FOR ALIENS, APPARENTLY NASA KNOWS ALL ABOUT THE VERY SAME TESS SATELITTE THAT GOOGLE HELP CREATE WITH MIT https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transiting_Exoplanet_Survey_Satellite THE FOUNDER OF GOOGLE "SERGEY BRIN" WANTS TO MEET ALIEN DEMONS http://www.zimbio.com/Anne+Wojcicki rticles/15/Google+Founder+Space+Bound DID YOU KNOW THE DIRECTOR OF DARPA'S PROJECT BLUE BEAM ALL OF A SUDDEN WORKS FOR GOOGLE? HER NAME IS REGINA DUGEN http://www.bing.com/search?q=DARPA+GOOLE+REGINA+&form=U018DF&pc=U018&dt=... THE FORMER DIRECTOR AT GOOGLE REGINA DUGEN NOW WORKS FOR GOOGLE AND SHE SHOWS OFF HER MARK OF THE BEAST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzB1EcocAF8 HERE IS REGINA DUGEN ILLUMINATI PICTURE http://illuminatiwatcher.com/darpa-director-leaves-pentagon-to-join-google/ ALL OF A "SUDDEN" THE HISTORY CHANNEL IS SAYING THAT SATAN IS AN ALLY TO HUMANITY RATHER THAN AN ENEMY. How does that pertain to google? I'll tell you. It's because Google is really the US Govt hiding behind a company platform. And if the govt is controlling what comes on TV then that means they know exactly what they are doing. http://www.history.com/shows ncient-aliens/videos NOW LET'S SHOW YOU THE NEW LIE GOOGLE IS TALKING ABOUT http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news rticle-2488892/Google-says-mysterious-barges-used-interactive-space-people-learn-new-technology.html

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