The Bertha foundation the communists behind Assange Snowden & Wikileaks ?

* Retitled d/t space that can b viewd 4 title on Dtv Join Cip n Kev on our Radio show and catch up on the weeks big stories Plz sup to my channel to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates And plz thumbs up if your glad i brought this info to your attention even if you dont agree with the point of view WOW MUST SEE : The Bertha foundation the communists behind Assange/snowden/Wikileak ? NSA/CIA Snowden, Assange & Wikileaks communist connections? Trying to control the revolution? ll_comments?v=dJlfSv2q4Tg MUST SEE:Wikileaks/Assange/Snowjobs pay masters Bertha foundation are attacking me ll_comments?v=nz7jiqa8G-E The Bertha Foundation Current ctivism.html old Jennifer Robinson (lawyer) Innovators in Action: Lara Tabatznik on Educational Reform Peter Gabriel Harry Belafonte Hong Kong film buffs create first Snowden movie Wikileaks & Assange the documentary WTF : "We Steal Secrets" Grunge Communist Emblem rt/Grunge-Communist-Emblem-272796587 I sort of like the Marxist-Leninist party's flag/symbol/thing, even though it sort of looks like it belongs on a soviet puppet states flag Berta Big Bertha Bertha Krupp Fitzbibbon Media rtist-action/

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