Krokodil Reptilian Flesh-Eating Zombie Drug

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Krokodil is a drug which is considered 3 times more addictive than heroin, which the media states originated in Russia before cases were seen in Arizona last month. It acquired its name because of the reptilian scaly effect it causes on human skin. Krokodil is portrayed as being made from just a few simple compounds, codeine and motor oil and yet it somehow miraculously has the power to rot human flesh and replace it with green scales. Is this a likely explanation? Why would this condition only be identified now if it is so simple to make? These people were clearly experimented on by the Reptilian Elite in Russia, under Vladimir Putin's reign of terror, and is now being performed on Americans. The goal is clear: they are trying to mutate a portion of humanity into a new race of reptilians, possibly to act as slaves or soldiers in World War 3. The fact that this is happening now means that the Reptilians, confined in underground bases all over the world, are about to start WW3. The latest reports of three cases at the Presence St. Joseph Medical Center in the Joliet suburb of Chicago, is likely to spark further fears that use of the drug, which usually kills addicts within two years, is spreading in the US. According to NBC Chicago Dr. Abhin Singla of Presence St. Joseph Medical Center said the treatment facility this week saw three patients who said they used the drug. The substance is said to be similar to morphine and is portrayed as an ultra-cheap heroin substitute that counts crushed codeine pills, gasoline, cooking oil, iodine, paint thinner and lighter fluid among its toxic ingredients. However much the media wants to spin it there is no way that it is possible that a few simple, household chemicals can cause this amount of mutation, where human flesh is being rotted away and replaced with dead, green, scaly reptilian skin. My guess is the Reptilian Elite are marketing this as a drug so that they can use the millions of drug addicts across the world as guinea pigs to test it, where meanwhile the populace can be placated and convinced by the media into thinking that it merely is a recreational drug side-effect. Users of krokodil or "crocodile" can suffer horrific effects including rotting sores, gangrene and abscesses. The average krokodil user has a life expectancy of just two to three years after they start taking the drug, therefore eliminating the "test" subject. According to the newspaper a dose of crocodile costs about $8, while users pay $25 to $30 for heroin, so clearly the Reptilian Elite want to test this as fast as possible.


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