Chasing the Sheriff out of Town

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Nov 14, 2013
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Today Members of Dublin Says NO,T Anti Eviction Taskforce, Independent Resistance Ireland, Anti Eviction Ireland & Occupy Dame street held a protest at the Sheriffs office. The sheriff had agreed to a Q&A meeting in his office which he reneged on. So we protested peacefully outside his building. Five times the Sheriff came out offering the meeting offering unacceptable stipulations. He was only prepared to speak to two people and it not be recorded. So we remained at his office. We followed the sheriff from his office and heckled him from Temple bar to Pearse street Garda station. On the way the Gardai present were shoving people off paths and and on Three occasions targeted the camera mans BROKEN WRIST. But we carried on following and heckling the Sheriff. When he arrived at pearse street the gardai put them in a taxi. The Taxi driver ejected the Sheriff and his minions from his cab. The sheriff and his men were taken inside to Pearse street station till the gardai could get a Taxi that would take him. The 2nd taxi took him but at one stage was prepared to drive off. This is just the beginning of Action against the Sheriffs office. NO EVICTIONS IN IRELAND —

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