The Funniest Rick Simpson Interview Ever, Hemp Oil Cures Anything! 13Nov2013

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If you're reading this at click "Original Article" on the bottom right for the SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE A THUMBS UP! Latest EpisodesArchives at 13 November 2013, Cannabis Cures Cancer, It's Getting Legalized, Where Is The Medical System? Rick Simpson, Vinny's NUTShell: Rick Simpson many of the worlds nations seriously considering legalizing cannabis it is important to recognize how far we've come since the days of reefer Europe and being let on mainstream prime time TV has been a great experience because it is extremely encouraging in the face of hostility & Hemp oil for cancer patients is just one objective and it ties into the entire medical system with the many conditions it cures, not just makes it all the more important as the current medical system is basically the leading cause of death and who would argue that curing people is not a better result than killing them?Vinny needs about 500 people to donate $5 a month so he can deliver quality news and information and even travel around New Zealand to cover important events and stories that neither the alternative media or mainstream media are able to cover. SUBSCRIBE NOW at this video and please share it around!Subscribe for A Few $ A Month for Ad Free Radio Archives! only at Audio Archives here: to the show LIVE! Vinny on FASCBOOK (Facebook) TWATTER (twitter) You Genics (youtube)

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