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UFO Exits Portal Over Mount Shasta 2013 HD


  • Mistaron#

    Mistaron November 15, 2013 1:28:05 AM CET

    Still can't help thinking most of 'em are man-made and hiding behind an extensively-sold web of tantalisingly planted disinfo. And that goes for one or two of the so-called whistleblowers.

    Not saying we have never been visited. I admit I really bought into the accepted UFO theories 'til I took a step back and started looking at all the info again, but this time round under the assumption that research on Tesla's ideas never stopped. That perhaps, a new branch of physics has been secretly developed. A new way of creating and harnessing invisible energies, that if made public would irrevocably alter the fabric of modern civilization and the elite's control and power over the populace.

    Call it free energy or whatever. It is the greatest secret of the puppet masters! How could they ever advance, test and capitalise upon this secret without discovery? What happens when people inevitably see or film impossibly powered, flying vehicles, or even witness a failed , silent craft crashing into the desert?

    Well the answer is to get your people there and if a little late manage the retrieval and witnesses. Some planted; others genuine and ready to believe. Bias the secrecy towards the enigmatic UFO, then publicly make absurd and questionable denials, (Roswell; three times and still full of holes!).

    All this has the effect of putting enough circumstantial evidence into the hands of researchers, some of whom are duped others briefed and primed, (Bob Lazar). What's a little humiliation when you can deny behind swathes of security.

    Over time, with the occasional sudden revelation or prepared evidence coming to light, the chess-masters keep us yoked to a system which sustains and bloats their hierarchy while keeping for themselves the secrets that free mankind and take back the planet.

    Thus half the people are sent off on a very believable wild-goose-chase and the other half don't even bother or casually notice, then move on to the next headline.

    These powerful and self-serving elites cannot risk our believing in clean, free, untaxable energy. They are fighting to retain their existence, wealth and power until they no longer need the masses, because one of the first things to collapse would be the value of Fiat, closely followed by the realisation of the people that the death, suffering and wars of the past sixty years have been the constructs of the world's greatest lies and were unnecessary!

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