Comet ISON is going Crazy! New videos of Outbursts & Activity!

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Nov 15, 2013
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PLEASE do not watch this video unless you are an intelligent human being with a sense of humor. Thank you. We've got 2 new ISON videos thanks to Astromut & Bruce Gary!!! In this episode of Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF NASA / EARTH ?!?! part 42 - She is Superman blue. We discuss a wide variety of topics, from the outbursts to the out gassing, also Comets Encke Lovejoy & Linear, plus the strange Minimal Solar Maximum that is strange and double peaked, we pay homage to ISON Champions Bruce Gary & Astromut and we laugh a little at the mainstream media's coverage of ISON. God bless everyone,Stay Cool, to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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