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【ツ】Full moon watches as cute turtle hatchlings race to the sea [Guillermo Gonzalez @ Oaxaca, Mexico]

An incredible full moon was the first sight to greet the thousands upon thousands of Olive Ridley turtles that hatched on a Pacific beach in the Mexican province of Oaxaca. The beach is one of 120 beaches in Mexico that female Olive Ridley's lay their eggs on, and it serves as an important breeding ground for the species, which is making a comeback after suffering because of over hunting. During November and December millions of baby turtles are born on the beach and waddle towards the ocean for the first time. Each female can lay around 100 eggs per breed with a gestation period of just a 45 day. Over 20 years ago the Mexican government implemented ecological plans to protect the sea turtles, which has helped the numbers of Olive Ridley turtles to increase, although the species is still listed as endangered by the US Endangered Species Act.

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