THE KEEPER'S. ! (2) ESSETAI HMAR! means the day will come!

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Published on Apr 3, 2013
The church and its demons have harmed so many over the centuries - this is a situation I encounter often with people. It is a shame that a social structure that could have been used to share love and light and uplift people has instead been used to spread lies, control the populace, cause wars and death, spiritually attack people, and impoverish millions. Religion is not a house of God. The Kingdom of Heaven and God are inside you and all around you - not in buildings of wood and stone, to loosely paraphrase Jesus here.

As for demons and evil ET's, the stronger the love is in your heart, the weaker they are. Put aside fear and be brave and trust love and you will grow stronger every day against them. Love is awesome in its power! Nothing can stand against it.

ETs - and humans - who have caused evil/chaos here will need to heal that damage with love/order. For some souls, this takes multiple lives to eventually clear the blockade/karma.

So Enlil and Enki will need to clear their karma before they can move ahead spiritually. Perhaps they are already here doing that. As for the Grays and similar species, if they were created from fear by other species, either as soldiers or DNA carriers, or whatever, then they will have no souls - they were not made by the Source through love. That which has no soul cannot stand in the light of love. They will not be able to take over Earth once she has ascended, so that is an unfounded fear taught to man by religions.

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