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New Guard Network (July 27, 2011): Interview with Michael Horn

  • Uploaded by Mahigitam on Nov 17, 2013
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Michael Horn is the US ambassador for the Billy Meier UFO contacts. An unreal story that is told with candor and confidence by Michael Horn.

...Tonight Jesse Randolph and Michael Horn discuss the Plejarens and the messages, warnings and information they have sent and are sending to humanity through Billy Meier the Swiss farmer who became their messenger and prophet. The Billy Meier contacts are either the biggest hoax, spanning 62 years, or one of the most important stories in all of human history.

Michael Horn brings warnings from Billy Meier recently received from the Plejaren Ptaah of catastrophic sunspot activity that will wreck havoc around the world and push governments to the brink of financial ruin where they become incapable of rectifying the damage which had arisen.

Ptaah sends warnings of worst possible case scenario nuclear disasters which not only spread over wide regions of the earth but also spread out into the sea and seriously contaminate the sea, fish and the other sea creatures, which has manifold deadly consequences. Ptaah warns that the occurrence of the now-threatening, ultra super worst possible case scenario is only a question of time. If all the atomic power plants worldwide, with their atomic reactors, are not put out of operation and dismantled, then it is only a question of time before a worldwide atomic catastrophe breaks out over the Earth and terrestrial humanity which may cost millions of human lives. He warns that they are playing with fire, like ignorant children who have not yet burnt their fingers on the fire.

Join the conversation with Jesse Randolph and Michael Horn as they step outside the matrix and explore the warnings of Ptaah who urges humanity to heed warnings of disaster that can be averted and Michael's plea for citizen action to engage the media and government in stopping preventable doom.


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