Electricity Generating Wood Stove Using Thermo Electric Modules & CPU Cooler

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Nov 18, 2013
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During the dark and cloudy winter months, when solar power is not abundant, the wood stove of a cozy off grid home is always lit. If only there was an easy way to generate electricity from the heat of the wood stove. Now there is. Technology has given us the thermo electric module which can be used to make yourself an off grid generator that will provide years of the electricity you want. Call in an alternative energy generation system for your remote cabin, if you like. Perfect for surviving while living off the land. A thin wafer of metals with two wires leading from it, a thermo electric module generates electricity as heat passes through it. Therefore, even while generating useful electricity, a thermo electric module does not consume energy. There is no loss of heat being produced by the wood stove. In fact, the cooling fan helps to distribute additional heat throughout the home. A spring tensioned steel cable, wrapped around the wood stove, holds the generator assembly firmly in place, pressed against the side of the hot woodstove. Side mounting ensures optimum cooling as well as leaving the top of the woodstove available for cooking. The thermo electric module is sandwiched between a computer processor cooler and the woodstove. One side of the module is heated by the woodstove. The other side of the module is cooled by a computer processor cooler. A thin layer of thermo electric grease has been applied between the cooling face of the computer processor cooler and the module. This promotes superior conductivity between the two surfaces and therefore cooling is increased. The cooling fan consumes about one watt of power, but the output of the thermo electric module is almost 10 watts. This leaves a net gain of 9 watts. The generator's output is ran through an inexpensive charge controller and trickled into the battery bank. A thermal switch turns on the cooling fan as soon as heat is detected. The fan is automatically turned off when the wood stove's fire goes out and the stove cools down. I have another prototype, a smaller lower output model, on the far side of my wood stove. All components were purchased from E Bay via the internet.

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