The 4 Horsemen: Comets ISON ENCKE LINEAR & LOVEJOY & 1000* Incoming extrasolar Comets

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Nov 18, 2013
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Comet ELENIN was the first Comet I'd hard of that had an orbit so far out Astronomers couldn't tell us where it came from, then came C/2012 S1 ISON. Somewhere along the way, they forgot to tell us that there are now almost 10 comets that come from the unknown. Did they come from the Oort cloud or did they come from another solar system? What caused them all to become attracted to our Sun, if they all have such different orbits what are the odds that they would all show up at about the same time? The Lazarus asteroids in the Asteroid Belt turning into comets was our first clue and now we have many more. Something is happening. Our Solar System is changing. God bless everyone,Stay Cool,TWant to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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