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Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times! Senate hearings confirm the government doing bilogical tests on Americans. The posions are being sprayed on people from military airplains. HERE IS THE TRANSCRIPT:0:00kind of strange substance bound by a southwest arkansas mandy part of a0:04government test0:05well that's the question at the heart of the phenomenon called cam trails now0:09getting widespread attention well tonight plans dot investigative reporter0:14jeff bell0:15tells us that result but i think we had gotten about what strategy it seem like0:21someone's it was just criss-crossing the whole scout reduced0:24it wasn't just like a gesture toward0:27bill nichols snap several parts of a strange clouds from his home in stamps0:31arkansas0:32the beginners normal conference rejection but do not fade away like a0:36normal contra el soon after he saw a particles in the air0:41which c_n_n_ updating grandaddy0:43nichols dentist the material collecting on the ground deserve water and stuff0:47but i collected in boulder had to say that my backyard remark did pickup truck0:52kissling is twelve had the sample tested at a lab0:55the results a high level of barry six point eight parts-per-million more than1:00three times the toxic levels set by the e_p_a_1:04armed with these lab results about the high levels of barium bounded our1:08capital1:08we decided to contact the louisiana department of environmental quality1:12they told us that yes these levels are very unusual but at the same time they1:17added the caveat approving the source is a whole nother matter1:22barium is a hallmark of other tent real test it1:25which even attracted attention from a los angeles t_v_ station1:29there's already no shortage of unclassified weather modification1:33programs by the government1:34but those who fear chem trails could be secret biological or chemical testing on1:38the public1:40point to the nineteen seventy seven senate hearings in particular which1:44confirms two hundred and thirty-nine populated areas had been contaminated1:49with biological agents between nineteen forty nine in nineteen sixty nine1:54later than nineteen ninety-four rockefeller report concluded hundreds of1:58thousands of military personnel were also subjected the secret biological2:02experiments over the last sixty years2:04who could secret testing the underway yet again but rather it be simple2:08american but knowing you know something that's2:11not cause any damage but2 i'd like to know what it is2:16canceling his twelve discovered chem trails are even mentioned by name2:20in the initial draft of house bill twenty nine seventy seven back in two2:24thousand one under the space preservation act but the military denies2:29any such program exists2:31jeffrey okay so when he's twelve reporting2:33and you know it turns out until nine years ago the government had the right2:37to under u_s_ law quickened up secret testing on the american public under2:41specific conditions2:43only a public outcry repeal part of that law but some exceptions2:47just reported to the high levels of barium linked to those alleged scam2:51trails we wanted to find out2:53is that what affects varian has in the body2:56we spoke with mark ryan the director of the poison control center front tells3:00canceling his twelve that3:01short term exposure can lead to anything from stomach two chest pains long-term3:06exposure causes blood pressure problems right address concerns by kim trail3:11researchers that marianne could be made to wear down a person's immune system3:17anything that causes bill gates the body long-term chronically is not that dear3:21durability because it's just a tough we worked on the body3:25server management has been tension3:28right says he's conducted research on his own about secret government testing3:31on the public but he's still a bit skeptical about the lives came3:36trails3:36at least at the moment3:38post was in control center has seen no calls about exposure to barium

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