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Freeman Fly Illuminati Symbolism Truth Connections Radio November 14, 2013 Freeman Fly has been on the cutting edge of conspiracy for nearly two decades and what he has to say, will surely open and blow your mind. He studied Interdisciplinary Studies, specializing in ancient and environmental architecture. He is an award winning TV producer, film maker, radio host and lecturer. The show he is currently working on is called, Freeman TV., and the Friendship Agenda. Considered an expert in the study of the occult, trauma based mind control, Illuminati symbolism and ancient civilizations, he has the ability to piece aspects that makes a strong argument for conspiracy fact not fiction, that is hidden in plain an independent researcher who has lectured vastly on the topics of the secret signs and symbolism of Freemasonry, the ancient astronaut theory, trauma based mind control, Disney mind control, social engineering, government conspiracy, human cloning past and present, the occult meanings of corporate logos, America's goddess, Columbia, weather modification, space based weapons, technologies of the future and synchronicity. Freeman also created the first documentary about HAARP and televised the first documentary on Chem trails. He also predicted and announced his fears that a false flag event would take place on 9/11. He stated that Bush would be forced into office, the economy would collapse and the next President of the United States, would have his natural born status in question, all before any of these events actually occurred. Find out more about Truth Connection here: Technician - Neil BrubakerIntro:Secret Springfield by Thomas by Alias Clay featuring Steve Grant Song Title, "Empire" by Fred Cusinato Song Title, " Colombian Queen" Bumpers - Roger Sylver Solid Sylver thanks James Swagger for promo commercials and art production . thanks to Live Mike for promotional thanks to Ruth Ramos de Smith and Tamara NatividadWeb Hosting by, thanks to Thomas Voute for his creative Connections was Co-Founded by Tamara Natividad and Kathy

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