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New Xbox One Can See Your Penis [Paul Joseph Watson @ Infowars]


  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye November 24, 2013 4:56:45 PM CET

    As of Xmas this year a large percentage of homes will have invasive technology that will enable paedos to look at our children through machines we pay for the privilege of having? Massively disturbing!!! So are you "i have nothing to hide" protagonists going to let this slide too? You know, the guys who thought the NSA removal of all privacy rights was a great idea, the same agency heavily involved in the current policies and running of Microsoft. I'm not saying paedophilia was the intention of Microsoft but it is an unavoidable side effect of these spying technologies (forcibly) employed in their new console; you will hear excuses like 'enhanced gaming features', 'national security' or 'targeted advertising' but as a consumer you should have more rights of control over the product you own than they give you, including the right to turn off any audio or visual devices and secure them from outside control. This advocacy of no privacy is the biggest threat to liberty our generation will face and most are oblivious to this regime. Unless this is sorted out satisfactorily i wont be buying another console and in the long run they lose, because more people will realise that the PC is a far better performance option anyway. Seriously people, wake up!!!

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