• Uploaded by sundoom on Nov 19, 2013
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I have 4 tri pods. I put the Sky Master up tall and fix on the subject. The Handy Cam on another tri pod and then place it under and up at an angle of the Sky Master. The thing is getting the camera up and under the eye of the binoculars and then keeping the object of interest within the scope. Then you have to use auto focus because you don't have the extra hand to manually adjust. So excuse the shake. Because once you've got in focus the effort is to keep as still as possible. The process of aiming the handy cam into the binoculars has actually triggered the handy cam's focus to start working again. It would not go past 230 for the longest time. These images was with it at 830. Hasn't done it again since then. Time to take in to get fixed. I thought I had burned it up with all the Live Sun Sets.

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