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Obama Continues Communist Style Purge Of U.S. Military Top Brass


As Barack Obama continues the unprecedented dismissal of scores of military officers, a number of high-ranking soldiers are coming forward to expose his anonymous source told World Net Daily that Obama is seeking a "compliant officer class" of military personnel unwilling to question his orders. As it stands, he claims there are virtually no officials ranked higher than major "that would say no to anything."According to Medal of Honor recipient and retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, another motive is "emasculating the military," noting that Obama "will fire anyone who disagrees with him" on certain political and social

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  • Icarium#

    Icarium November 28, 2013 12:37:54 AM CET

    Faux news huh? Anyone who uses ANY mainstream political person or party in conjunction with the word Communism is politically illiterate and really should refrain from political statements.

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