"BURLINGTON COUNTY COUNTRY CLUB: Burlington County, New Jersey

May 4th, 2012 the investigation was conducted. This is a building with a rich history and was built in 1929. Prior to it being a golf country club it was an old farm house. Throughout the years they added on to the original building and made it approx. 4 times as large. We can only speculate how many old timers must have had heart attacks on the golf course and keeled over. There are several spots on the property that you always "get that feeling" when you are there. The 1st location is on the 2nd floor in the entrance way to the men's locker room. For some odd reason when you go through the door it always feels like someone is right behind you. The hairs on the back of your neck and arm stand on end and you feel a presence. In the same section there is a door that leads to the boardroom and on an occasion we filmed the door know rattling for no reason. The 2nd location is the hallway leading back from the ladies locker room and the administrative offices. It feels as if there is an unknown watcher creeping around the corner, the hairs on your neck stand up and the atmosphere makes you feel uneasy. When the normal lights are turned off the safety lights come on and they are tinted red and give an ominous glow to the surroundings.
We did a session and took many photos but all appeared normal except for one photo. It was in the dining room looking towards the windows, it looked as if a Bigfoot creature was in the window. With the naked eye you couldn't see anything and the photos from other angles if didn't show anything.
There are also approximately 20 feral cats that roam around on the property. Deer also strut across the course being so near to the forests.

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