Comet ISON Annunaki Ancient Alien Mothership

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"Comet" ISON is actually an Ancient Annunaki Mothership, a asteroid sized craft made of exotic matter which was designed to warp the very fabric of space-time to open wormholes to distant dimensions, giving the Annunaki a way to travel to Earth. Ever since its arrival near earth, tens of UFOs and alien craft have been seen circling, moving away from or moving with ISON. Many astronomical objects are used as interdimensional transit systems by the Annunaki, despite being labelled as comets by the scientific establishment, who were long since bought and enslaved by the Illuminati and Reptilian Cabal and brainwashed into drones that can only recite dogmatic scientific scriptures. The Annunaki collide these chunks of exotic matter into massive objects in a solar system to create the biggest interdimensional rifts so that they can create long lasting portals so that their numbers can get through. In survey missions, they usually collide them into planets, such as Jupiter, to create semi-stable portals to send automatons and bioandroids. However the fact that are crashing this into the Sun itself must mean that they are trying to create a massive portal, one which can stay open for centuries, possibly even millennia. Long enough for them to begin to reclaim the Earth once more. In 2012, Nibiru was attempted to collide with the Earth, as predicted, but an unknown event cause the Annunaki to reschedule. However we are not out of the woods yet, at every opportunity they ill try to return to this dimension and wipe out the humans who have been tainted with rogue reptilian blood and enslave the rest of humanity once more as labourers to construct pyramids to build a Synthetic Merkaba, a permanent quantum singularity on Earth allowing them to conquer this universe in full forces and return to Draco to create the Omega Apparatus, which will allow them to ascend into Overgods giving them he ability to rule the Multiverse and all possible histories that will ever exist in the past present and future.


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