2013 Reptilian UFO Cube Uncloaked Captured on Video

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Nov 21, 2013
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An uncloaked cube-shaped alien craft is shown here on amateur video. It is being escorted by 2 military helicopters over Spain in an attempt to cover it up. Clearly these invisible craft are all around major cities, cloaked and monitoring the factory-farmed, enslaved human masses on all sides while they shuffle about unknowingly, being bred as docile, semi-conscious livestock by the Reptilian Cabal. The question asked is, how was it uncloaked, was it damaged and if so by whom? Is the resistance against the reptilians in Spain able to take down their cloaking shields?Hopefully more will be revealed. The Spanish people were hurt pretty badly during the debt crisis handed down by the Reptilian Elite running the EU, so it is no surprise to me that there should be a strong and capable resistance there, more so than in the fat and docile United States.


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