Who's Behind the Door by Zebra

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From Wikipedia:Zebra is the debut album by American hard rock band Zebra, released in 1983, eight years after they were founded. The album features all original material, with the exception of "Slow Down," a Larry Williams tune best remembered in a 1964 cover version by the Beatles. It is generally considered the band's strongest work, featuring minor hits "Who's Behind The Door?" and "Tell Me What You Want."Dream Theater covered "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" for the special edition of their 10th studio album, Black Clouds & Silver :We sailed awayWe walked 2 thousand milesand then we slipped awayWe looked so hardBut couldn't seem to find just whatthe world was forNow we knowJust what the journey's forLooking out to the starsThink about what you areWhat do they think of youAnimals in their zooThey haven't got the timeLanding's not on their mindsHow do they have the nerveWe're animals in preserveThey watch us allThey're only making sure that wedon't trip and fallNow they look so hardBut they can't tell us why they'rehere and just what forBecause they don't knowWho opened up the doorHow can we find out moreWho owns the keyless doorWhere does the circle endWho are the unwatched menWhere do we go from hereFaith is a fading fearLife is a waiting roomI hope they don't call me soonHow much more do you reallythink you know than a flowerdoes about who's behind the door!(This is the sound of thousands of snapping shrimp)

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