166,000 Nagasaki Bombs Of Depleted Uranium Ammunition A Day

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The whole documentary pt 1 n 2 don,t take it personal,u think u know life ,goggle Depleted uranium , did u know the has blasted million atoms bombs worth of depleted uranium all over this planet , the whole world get outraged when a country sets off a nuclear weapon but u don,t blink a eye when they blast depleted uranium every where,that will kill 80 % of humans with cancer,thats a fact !!, instead u play video games and worry about tattoos,while u and everyone u know will die of cancer because ur too smart to be told anything,u have no priority's u think attacking people who piss u off is great but u know nothing, watch terror storm or end game on goggle video so u can actually have a purpose in life don,t worry about tattoos and what people think ,u have to wake up someday and face reality i have to say to people if u ever wake up don,t forget to take ur Prozac i have rectal cancer from sitting on boxes of depleted uranium ammunition i live in a hospital bed for 8 years my time is almost finished i,m ashamed of the lies the gov told me and sent me to war doped up on gov pills blasting depleted uranium that will infect the earth for at least 10,000 years giving everything cancer insects,birds,plants,water,air ,every house in Iraq is full of depleted uranium they all have cancer and u have ur video games best wishes to you and your loved onesAirplane, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Motor Sport, Train, Animation, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog, Athletics, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Health, Humanities, Language, Math, Media, Medicine, Performing Arts, Physical Science, Social Science, Visual Arts, Advertising, Commercials, Entertainment News, Performing Arts, Short Film, Trailer, TV, Video Game, Web Series, Animation, Anime, Art, Documentary, Experimental, Filmmaker Reel, Interview, Manga, Short Film, Trailer, Tutorial, Federal Government, Grassroots Outreach, Local Government, Nonprofit, Public Service Announcements, Regional Government, State Government, Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Dance, Drink, Finance, Fitness, Fashion, Food, Gardening, Health, Home, Music, Sports, Technology

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