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Full Length - Mind Shift: Enlightening Our Global Culture w/ Russell Brand & Eve Ensler

  • Malogg
  • uploaded: Nov 24, 2013
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http://bit.ly/1aHYl9P We are facing a unique crisis as our renewed vigor for attaining enlightenment clashes with our materialist based economy and fear-based politics. Is there a way we can reconcile our current systems with the new spiritual paradigms? If not, how can we reform them? Daniel Pinchbeck explores the cultural benefits of enlightenment with comedian Russell Brand and playwright Eve Ensler in this interview - Russell Brand offers his insightful perspectives on spirituality, economics and politics without abandoning his unique zeal and sense of humor. It is an entertaining and informative account on the profound benefits of individual enlightenment. Sign up for your free 10-day trial and view the entire series at: http://bit.ly/GaiamTVMindShift

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  • JohnSanders2#

    JohnSanders2 November 27, 2013 10:27:57 AM CET

    really wtf this guy cant even possibly be taken seriously...he is a borderline psychotic ...and has the intellect of a grape....a bad actor, worse writer, and idiotic speaker, but the mindless drones listen dont they???

  • F.A.R.T.#

    F.A.R.T. November 26, 2013 8:54:40 PM CET

    Yeah what the bleep do we know? He could be the next rage just like KONY 2012 was...


  • Hipjipc#

    Hipjipc November 25, 2013 6:07:23 PM CET

    Unfortunately with our recycled dna, it is not possible for each individual to reach the point that Russell is talking about. Understanding what has to be done on an individual basis escapes a good portion of people because they do not possess the capability to understand. They are ego driven for the most part and will never achieve what it takes. Because of this we repeat the same cycles over and over because the same dna is being reborn and taught the same ignorance because it is a known and worn path that many are unable to break free from.

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