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  • Afireinside666#

    Afireinside666 November 28, 2013 10:43:09 PM CET

    Sorry, my mistake. I mixed up Challenger and Columbia.

  • F.A.R.T.#

    F.A.R.T. November 28, 2013 9:28:22 PM CET

    the challenger never made it into orbit...

    ...remember the "foam debris" that caused it to blow up......we all know how explosive and deadly foam can be

    the columbia was supposedly re-entering and was seen disintegrating into a few large pieces.....

    but the video above was pieced together....the original video I saw was of this footage, then was cut off, and spliced in with some real scary stuff.......it showed the space shuttle in low earth orbit before reentry and was seen in three large pieces, with searing burn marks and holes basted all over the three remaining parts....

    they had a following for a few, but then the guy came out and said he made it from CGI software.....but it looked so real how he had made it look.

    Daboo7 needs some serious help if he expects us to fall for this one.....until next time

  • Afireinside666#

    Afireinside666 November 28, 2013 6:29:04 PM CET

    Bullcrap! This is a distorted version of a video made by TheFakingHoaxer. The audio is also stitched together from various missions. Plus Columbia never made it into orbit.

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