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Chemtrails chemical trails part of an international government conspiracy

  • Uploaded by Sangstar1 on Nov 26, 2013
  • Hits: 129

Ask an Astrobiologist David Morrison NAI Senior Scientist 00:20 A very concern citizen ask questions to Douglas E Rowland NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Regarding Lithium Dual Rocket Aerosol Spay Program 01:57 The main purpose of science is to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the uninvestigated. Dr. Stephen Rorke Ask an Astrobiologist David Morrison NAI Senior Scientist Can you please debunk the chemtrail theory? People I know are falling for it. http:/ sk-an-astrobiologist nswered/2009/05/29/1419/ NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT by Deborah Tavares and Trevor Coppola NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT ADG (UK) Alien Disclosure Group: ADG Alien Disclosure Group Facebook: More About Trevor Coppola Here: Special announcement to all our Viewers, AKA Sangstar1 serving you better Sangstar1 was created by the Late, Mr Correa Snr. My name is Sergio Correa and I am the co-founder of Sangstar1 Videos Presentations and News Channel. At SANGSTAR1, we believe that your children safety from internet Predators Scammers are extremely important. Be careful, so do not put your child at risk, and keep them inform of the dangers on Internet blogs, emails, and sharing Mobile numbers, address on the internet. Cosmofobia/Cosmophobia, this symptom applies to people that are afraid of that human knowledge, religion and culture came from ancient astronauts. SANGSTAR1 VIDEOS PRESENTATIONS.

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