'Bitcoin, Artist Taxi Driver, The Satoshi Trade Unit, Resistance Movement' [Clif High Wujo, 24-Nov-2013]

Recording Date (start): 24-Nov-2013, 06:46 AM Pacific Coast of North America Time
Release Date: 24-Nov-2013
Run Time: 00h 34m 35.8s (2075.8s)

Referenced YouTube Links...

The Artist Taxi Driver on YouTube Link:
Art.. Where is the resistance movement.

The Bitcoin Channel:
Bitcoin Report Volume 59 (Money Laundering)

Topics Discussed:
The Artist Taxi Driver YouTube Rant
Bitcoin's Future with Satoshi as Unit of Trade
Why Criminal Satanist Banksters can't control or buy Bitcoin
The Bitcoin Channel explains why money laundering can't happen with Bitcoin

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Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels, repaired over modulation clips and removed a few annoying coughs and utterances. If you don't like the editing go to Clif's website and download the original MP3 audio.

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