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NIBIRU Planet X - ANNUNAKI 'Alien Invasion' Stan Deyo


Stan Deyo says NASA and the pentagon believe the annunaki will return with the coming of Nibiru. Wheter it's a planet, brown dwarf star we will find out but something aint likely annunaki are already here, this will be a staged "contact"The name Nibiru was taken from the old Sumerian stone tablets and is loosely translated to mean "Planet of the crossing." The Sumerian civilization is thus far the oldest recorded civilization located in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. Sumerians spoke about planet Nibiru and the "gods" called the Anunnaki (Those who came from heaven to earth), andtheir direct influence on Earths civilizations, and creating a hybrid species called nephilim.

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  • Leland Judsyn#

    Leland Judsyn November 26, 2013 4:34:43 PM CET

    I would have to agree except for one thing. When making the movie "Magi Mystery" I had to research who this god of the Annunaki really is. Once you know who it is and what they are doing it's obvious they never left.

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