Google+ Integrated YouTube Comments Update

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Nov 27, 2013
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Google+ integrated YouTube comments update. Please keep the comments coming as that's what drives and motivates me to make videos. I'm doing my best to reply back to everyone's comments and questions, but if you didn't get a reply back or if you have a specific question please send me a private message. I use YouTube to interact with folks around the world and to learn different skills, and the comments are a big part of how I do that. I read comments on videos I watch and on videos I make, and I leave comments and reply back to comments on videos I watch and videos I make. This new YouTube Google+ comments system makes it very difficult to leave, read and reply to 'll do my best to answer everyone's questions and reply back to ALL comments on my videos here on YouTube, but, I know some comments are slipping through the cracks as this new system makes it extremely difficult to see and respond to comments on You hope everyone has a great holiday season and God me on Facebook for watching, commenting, subscribing to, and supporting this channel. If you like this video please give a thumbs up and share it with others. If you have any questions or tips please leave a comment.

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