How much has Comet ISON's trajectory changed?

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PLEASE do not watch this video unless you are an intelligent human being with a sense of humor. Thank you. In episode 47 of Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF EARTH/ NASA / PROFESSIONAL SCIENCE ??? We are caught in a trap of making a video about how NASA keeps changing the Orbit Orbital Period on the JPL Jet Propulsion Lab data. First it was N/A not available, then it was 10,000 years, then it was N/A again, then it was 400000 +, then it was 582666, now it has changed again. It's a little late in the game for them to get so manic, but hey. Let's play some head games! No ISON is not Nibiru. But it is very strange with Wings Bow Shock Arclets multiple tails and jets and a size that no one seems to be able to nail down this Comet is the Comet of Comets and shall forever be the Comet of the Century in my heart. So come along for this journey! I have no idea if this video is good or bad. It's very frustrating when the situation keeps changing. It sends a video maker in to crisis mode! Alert! NASA keeps changing their dang Feel free to tweet @BadAstronomer (Phil Plait) @Amymainzer or @Sungrazer (karl Battams) and ask them if how much the path of ISON has changed, why don't you?Tell Amy I said 'm am trying to learn about the Heavens. Be bless everyone,Stay Cool, to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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