Solutions to Collapse and Wars downplayed by alternative media

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Nov 27, 2013
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Notice how solutions to problems get censored, downplayed and ignored while people care about Collapse, WW3 and downplay solutions that can save lives? Why can't investigations be fair and equal? There are people who don't take conspiracy research seriously because of lies in alternative media, while I present evidence people don't bother to investigate after I spent a lot of time to put things together for people to make up their own mind.
I eat limited organic food and people in alternative media eat lots of organic food and the cost of living could be cheaper already if people promoted truth instead of lies. Organic food could be cheaper and more abundant than non-organic food! Tired of elitist "health websites" that downplay how cannabis could have already solved so many problems by now? Notice how Natural labels can be GMO and Natural News censored truth about GMOs/Infowars selling products with toxic heavy metals in them?

Organic Food Crops breathing pollution from toxic energy hemp fuel could have made obsolete decades ago?

Maybe because people can't prove me wrong they are afraid?

Hemp Fuel can prevent Wars making poisonous energy Obsolete

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