Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!)

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JUDGE ASKED FOR ID! THIS AMAZING AUDIO RESTORES CONFIDENCE THAT THE AWARENESS OF THE MATTER IS MAKING ITSELF VERY WELL KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL LINKS, CHANNELS, AND WEBSITES ARE PROVIDED BELOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin of Audio: (1:30 - 8:52) Magistrate asked for ID ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SANTOS BONACCI'S WEBSITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL The Law: 1 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights Santos Bonacci - Law and Language Reclaiming Dominion Santos Bonacci At His Best! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEAN CLIFFORD'S WEBSITE Your Rights, Trusts, and how to enforce them. Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction - Full Length Presentation --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAX IGAN'S WEBSITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Living in a Fictional World -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JORDAN MAXELL'S WEBSITE Admiralty Law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHRIS/Barnone11970 YOUTUBE CHANNEL The truth about the UNITED STATES, LAW & YOU... YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! ! ! PLEASE SHARE ! ! ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- KATE OF GAIA'S WEBSITE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DAVE (SensiDave82's) WEBSITE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Incredible Interview with Santos Bonacci The Peoples Trust 1776 - Anonymous announcement call to arms! (LISTEN TO THIS!!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BILL DONAHUE'S WEBSITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The Bible Is All About The Mind Who Started Religion ------------------------------------------------------------------------ KURT KALLENBACH Season of Treason The Birth Certificate ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My channel: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC (outro): Santos Bonacci At His Best! -------------------------------------------------------------------

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