5 Things You Should Know About Comet ISON - The Countdown #36

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Nov 28, 2013
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Comet ISON will be making its closest pass to the Sun tomorrow (Nov. 28). It's unclear what will happen next: ISON could be torn apart by the Sun's gravity. Or, it could escape with nothing more than a sunburn and begin the return journey to its birthplace in the Oort Cloud. Find out all the essential facts about ISON in our latest episode of The Countdown. ---------------More to explore:Fire vs. ISON: Watch the Epic Battle Live (NASA Google+ Hangout) Watch App by First Light ISON Observing from the Oort Cloud Careens toward the Sun (Scientific American) Cool Facts about Comet ISON (Slate), future astronauts: more of The Countdown: Scientific American's website for more space news and information: Credits:Host/writer: Sophie BushwickStory Advisors: Clara Moskowitz & Michael MoyerEditor: Joss Fong Producer: Eric R. Olson

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