Peggy Kane - The Reptilian Agenda and EVP Reverse Speech!

  • Uploaded by goku on Nov 28, 2013
  • Views: 450 This is vital information on key issues regarding the truth of our world and what is beyond. Some of the videos are actually deleted from Rick Keefe's YouTube page, and many other uploads are incomplete or fuzzy. I believe there is a deliberate effort to cover up this information any way they can (the reptilians) but everyone on earth should hear this information and power tool of reverse speech for finding out the truth of what people or other entities are really thinking. THEY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Also just because many important sources of information may be mixed with some things that are not true, or even against the scripture does not mean we should ignore it. I believe calling out the fact that evil forces have created the religious systems of this world (NOT THE WORD OF GOD ITSELF) is true and an important understanding many people are unaware. If you would like to try reverse speech on yourself or anyone Google Audacity, a freeware application you can try it with. I tried it and it really works, you really hear things in your own speech! I do not recommend however trying to contact those from the beyond because of what God's word says against this. DO NOT INVITE VOICES FROM THE BEYOND OR SEEK THEM! Decide for yourself what to make of this, and do not be too offended by some of the remarks Peggy makes regarding Jesus, as he is not revealed to her at this recording, but rather use your inner sense to learn what you can from her witness.

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