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BREAKING: Comet ISON Lives! - SUN Tracks Comet - SunsFlare NASA November 28, 2013 UPDATE

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Nov 29, 2013
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  • Reduckules#

    Reduckules November 29, 2013 6:37:08 PM CET

    I witnessed allot as I watched the SOHO team video from a man that maid a great video out of Sacramento. In his video the hit didint seem so derect as this one but more like in one ear and out. Seemed in that video the hit was more closer to the back of head of sun.
    To me and this is just my artisic way of seaing things are sun's face was tuneded opisit from hit in back and like she blew out from front large intense breath. The the circle thing that covers most of sun went all dizzy.
    Very clear in that video that the the sun went dizzy kinda like Mars. There seemed to be in that video one large cigar craft passing behind hit side quickly and quite a few others scrambling rite before inpact.
    Words cant express at least to me how on earth the sun rise this morning was so darn special.
    I witnessed the sunrise this morning with others and defintly felt a humbling and thanksgiving.
    Thank you for your great video Sir,The coler part was great as the SOHO one is black and white.
    quite amazing I am sure to what ever transpired between ISON and the SUN. Truley a mystery I am sure the storeys all these large bodeys have to tell.
    Also the moon was in full horns and rose quite close with sun this morning which also was amazing to see and witness.

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