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Alert Pole Shift News Update, Unbelievable Signs of Change


skip to 5min in for english, i think that comet Ison is really Planet X. Its amazing, alarming, and completly devestating the rates at which we are noticing changes before our eyes. There has been a dramatic shift in the climate over the last 20 years, and even more alarming than just climate is the other geo phenomenas such as volcanos, earthquakes, tornados, hurricaines, and lets not forget the rarest one of them all the MAGNETIC POLE MIGRATION, guys could be be on the brink of an earth level extinction event involving humans, dont for one minute take this light heartedly, the facts are now slapping you harder in the face more regularly than they ever have done in our history, i dont need to ask you any more if you think theres been a change because you have learnt in the last 20 years yourself that there is indeed a change, the big thing worrying most Scientists including myself is we still have yet to reach the new equilibrium where this balances out and becomes more stable, so sorry to say this guys but for sure theres worse than this to come you can take that to the bank, stay with me as we look into this more deeply. best Gene

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