Siats - The New Mega-predatory Dinosaur

Scientists JUST discovered a new Dinosaur - the Siats. We're finally able to release this to the world! Go Lindsay!Siats (pronounced SEE-OTTS) is a giant mega-predator (think T-Rex, but living at a different time). I just like saying that out loud -- GIANT MEGA-PREDATOR! This is the first large, mega-predator found in the US in over 60 years, and it is the 2nd or 3rd largest carnivore EVER found in North America!We are excited to once again work with Dr. Lindsay Zanno of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences / Field Museum to announce a new dinosaur species! Today, we Siats meekerorum!Read up more about the Siats here: drawings by Jorge Gonzales and Julio LacerdoCamera by Michelle Lotker: thanks to Lindsay Zanno and her entire Paleo crew. It's always a pleasure to come film with you all!If you're a teacher. Pearson OLE has a short lesson plan to accompany this video:

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