UFODI News: UFO,s Fly Day And Night Over Jeffersonville Indiana On The Day Of 19/Nov/2013

Location: Jeffersonville IndianaDate: 19/Nov/2013Link: is UFODI's second source video from Indiana within a two day gap! Earlier we published a video during the the 17th November relating to a tornado and UFO in clear sight, Now we have this amazing footage from Indiana which occured on the 19th Nov detailed audio description by witness throughout video!Witness Statement: WATCH IN HD 1080P -11/19/2013 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Right after sunset around 7:00 These orange orbs were amazing, they were not flickering or flashing. Like I point out my cell camera at night has a hard time focusing, and most lit objects seem to do flash. But the orange orbs were steadily lit. I could see that these were not Chinese lanterns, they moved to fast. It wasn't windy at all, and I watched a couple of them completely turn away from others and fly to the right. Lanterns do not do this, and minutes after filming I watched a huge Blackhawk type helicopter, flying very low to the ground coming from the south. It was lower and faster than I have ever seen them flying. But the helo was seen flying straight towards the area where all of orbs originated from. I hope the truth will be revealed about these orange orbs, they are the most common and frequent UFO reports made. This was the second time seeing these. First time I only had seen one, this time there were about ten. They were amazing and remarkably beautiful

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