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WTF is that thing?

  • darth_ill
  • uploaded: Nov 30, 2013
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  • Ancientfossil#

    Ancientfossil January 3, 2014 3:18:02 AM CET

    were all going to die!!!!

  • Ricardo Midnight#

    Ricardo Midnight December 23, 2013 9:02:56 PM CET

    gEt OUT!!!!

  • blackdog1956#

    blackdog1956 December 11, 2013 4:12:47 AM CET

    If it's real and you want to talk about what the Bible says, and I know that word turns a lot of people off for good reason, but in Gen. 6:4 it says the Fallen Angels lusted after human woman and came down and took wives of who they chose. They had giants for children, Hybrids. Then things got so out of control God had the Flood to kill them, and took the Angels and chained them up in a pit.

    Then God said that the Giants would die but their Spirits would live on the earth and be called Evil Spirits.

    The Book of Enoch says the same thing but in more detail.

    The were trying to corrupt the Bloodline, hence the term Blue Bloods who are ruling the Planet in every Government, that's why they have their Secret Societies.

    They worship Lucifer by doing blood sacrifices. Ask the Police or a Detective.

    Anyway, what do you think these Orbs and things are in the night sky? Not All.

    Look up John Todd, his family were lluminati and witches from England and migrated here.

    He started speaking out about them in the 70's.

    Remember the show "Dark Shadows", that was supposed to be about his grandfather.

    Anyway, believe what you want and say anything you want about me, but I met a family and the kids and everyone knew about Witchcraft. Little monsters, I tried teaching them they didn't need to mess with the stuff.

    Anyway, I worked nights and was off and over at their apartment, all the kids and mother were sleeping, then the baby not even 2 was moaning like something was bothering her. I felt an Evil Presence Big Time and knew what to say and do, so did.

    Suddenly an Orb the size of a basketball appeared out of thin air about 4 feet in front of me, it floated over my shoulder through the window and outside.

    I hadn't been drinking or smoking anything. So believe what you want, but there's lots of strange things in life and maybe then some.

    The Fallen Angels are due to return about now and are Energy Beings, they can turn into what they want to fool you, even what looks like a solid craft, better known as UFO's, but there are other real craft also visiting us that I'm not 100 % up on.

    I was an aircraft mechanic 20 years in the Navy. I'm still waiting to see a nuts and bolt craft that man hasn't made. The USAF had a few back in the 60's,what they have now is anybody's guess.

    I know, strange explanation, so believe what you want, but soon things are going to change even worse than now, there's going to be all kinds of strange things going on.


  • Leddewis#

    Leddewis December 4, 2013 7:17:24 AM CET

    holy f--k man i realy dont know but dude please keep it at your shack!!!!!!!!!

  • Surfagurl#

    Surfagurl December 2, 2013 7:01:27 PM CET

    They are comely referred to as Reepers . And always seem to avoid touching the ground until it pulls a doomed soul down in to the pit. The veil is being lifted , gates opening ? lots more knocking on the door.
    can you handle the truth ?

  • Philbo1965uk#

    Philbo1965uk December 1, 2013 6:56:19 PM CET

    I'd love one of these people to actually tell us their motive.
    If it's simply to fool the deluded then fair play to them...but everyone I've seen tend to be creations of the deluded.

    Quite annoying

  • Philbo1965uk#

    Philbo1965uk December 1, 2013 6:53:12 PM CET

    Very poor...lacks creativity.

  • stephanieharshman#

    stephanieharshman December 1, 2013 6:33:55 PM CET

    It looks like the thing climbing down the side of a building in Russia ...a video I saw on this website last week.....

  • Ottomatic1#

    Ottomatic1 December 1, 2013 5:24:23 PM CET


  • Ghstltno#

    Ghstltno December 1, 2013 5:05:26 PM CET

    Pathetic, that's what it was!

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