3MIN News November 30, 2013: CONFIRMED Disintegration of Comet ISON

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Dec 1, 2013
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Please share and get the word out! :) (watch in HD full screen for best view)Finally! We have an answer. Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) has disintegrated. Starting half way through UTC November 30, 2013, full disintegration took place. Even better shots of the final vaporization / breakup can be now seen via the NASA link comet lingered for a moment after its crushing blow passing the Sun. Exiting the solar interaction just a fraction of what it entered the remnants carried on their trajectory a bit further, the fractured debris showing "illumination" after passing beyond the Solar Corona once it reached into the greater solar wind. Now, clearly disintegrating , dimming, and fading away. It has vaporized as of November 30, into December 1, 2013. Search the most recent dates of 2013-11-30 to 2013-12-01 , using the LASCO C3 camera. Link to view the live feed of the FINAL breakup here:

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