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FAKES EXPOSED!!! THIRDPHASE OF MOONs 1st YouTube Show "Bottle Hunters Of Hawaii" #31 Fist Full Of Bottles! 250,000 HITS!


I have been researching Thirdphaseofmoon and Blake Cousins. I have come across some very interesting things. They run Cousins Brothers Productions. They have made low end and low cost movies. They fund these movies by "photos", they stated in an interview a number of years back. Also three or four years ago ran a YouTube series/show titled "Bottle Hunters Of Hawaii". Important to state here, that there is no copyright on the page so I have done no harm. Also found many of very interesting things about them, oddly if you search through GOOGLE, you don't get much on them, but in you use the search engine STARTPAGE, you get tons! They are producers, went to film school, and I am not sure but if you were to watch them I bet the Dr. in the UFO videos is the same brother in the Bottle Hunters videos! 250,000 Hits WOW! Back At it agian Digging an Old Honey Hole! Thanks for the SUBS and COMMENTS! Keep Watching Will Keep Filming! From The COUSINS BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS!

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  • Nailedscully#

    Nailedscully January 20, 2014 7:39:38 AM CET

    Sounds to me like darkdupont24 may be a tad envious of Blake and Brett...

  • Quincy#

    Quincy December 4, 2013 7:56:27 AM CET

    I guess I don't get it. If they collect old bottles what's the big whoop? And, if they collect old bottles and play UFO vids they get emailed to them, once again, what's the big whoop?

    As for myself I think they're pretty resourceful being trapped in the Grandmother of all dungeons- Hawaii- they manage to get into a lot of things that, truth be told, many of us wouldn't mind doing. I don't know this for a certainty but if they monetize their Youtube videos and get gazillions of views it looks to me like these guys have figured out a way to make digging in an old trash pile pay really well. I mean, think about this for a minute. Their production costs are zilch, they actively solicit videos to stock their channel. Not to mention a lot of the videos they host wouldn't get much in the way of viewership if it weren't for them. Granted, not all of the videos are "the real deal" but who cares? They've turned trash into moolah. I don't know about you but it wouldn't bother me one little bit to be called a few names and still get to make some money and run wild on one of the islands. Just my humble opinion, in fact, I wish I'd thought of it first!

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