THE SKY IS FALLING ON THE VATICAN - Meteors & More I Pet Goat 2 Irrefutable Symbolism & Prophecy

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UPDATE: Another backwards (antisigma) letter C found around the hole the goat puts his head through at the beginning of the film. More Catholic YOU PROCEED - It is necessary to see part 1 of the findings on the Catholic church in I Pet Goat 2 before proceeding with this video. Please subscribe and play part 1 's a lock on Catholic Symbolism in this film. With your help, I found the key. The backwards C on the floor is an antisigma (backwards letter), invented by the first Roman emperor Claudius after Jesus' crucifixion. The backwards C was meant to replace BS and PS in the Roman alphabet. The antisigma of the letter C is the only reference on the entire internet for why a C would be spelled backwards, pointing irrefutably to the Catholic church as the centerpoint of I Pet Goat also analyze the developments of several large meteors entering our atmosphere within days of the I Pet Goat 2 Valentines Day references and subsequent fall of the Catholic church by are references to Ishtar symbolism (vesica pisces) throughout I Pet Goat 2 which also point to Easter being the explanation of several Easter eggs throughout the to Canada meteor: to Vatican news on Valentine's Day 2013:

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