'The Financial Vipers of Venice' [Joseph P. Farrell @ The Byte Show]

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Joseph and GeorgeAnn are full of laughter. On a serious note, Joseph discusses his book, Financial Vipers of Venice. This work, a study of the connection of the religion of Hermes (Toth) and its relationship to Vedic teachings. The "common surface" of this relationship, found in the mathematical (mathematical) qualities of the metaphor that underlies all the stories of creation.

Joseph connects this to the disturbing persecution and murder of Giordano Bruno, the medaeval scholar of Hermiticism and contemporary of Galileo, who arrived a conception of religion and science that would erase the dialectic conflicts that dogged Europe.

He then connects it to the conflict and metaphor of medieval and modern banking, espionage, and suppression of freedom. In Dr. Farrell's view, it is the same playbook, over and over impressed by elites seeking comparative advantage at any cost.


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