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PROPHECY ALERT: Israeli PM Netanyahu Meeting With Pope Francis I In Rome..


  • Knownawareness#

    Knownawareness December 2, 2013 1:57:22 AM CET

    Netanyabooooo can go jump. He had to change the original spelling of his name to now mean " choosen or elected by God ". What a joke just like claiming there are choosen Ones at all. We are yet to see the Talmud to be of use to this very day. Prophecy actually has to happen it cant be setup to appear to happen.

    The men of grace speak of the right to have sex with children boy or girl under 9 no problem.

    Your prophecy is a play when some have the ability to control the weather.

    And............Buy my book..................

    Afraid to speak wrong against Israel aye Paul forget to mention the new illegal settlements?

    So sad to see Paul

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